Interesting Hungarian Wines – our heart is in them

Our webshop initially launches by selling one famous Hungarian appellation, Somló Hill’s wines, by listing  Somló Wine Shop ‘s entire stock. Then,  gradually we are building it up so that it offers interesting wines from other wine-regions of the Historic Hungary. To make our selection process authentic  (and keep our process  Somló-focused ), time to time we will ask a different Somló-Hill winegrower to recommend a wine from a different part of the country: something, that he himself would like to see amongst his own wines.

Each time there is a new item you can read about it in the shop’s News section, and on our Facebook page.
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Wine Regions
Visit our photo gallery of Hungary’s wine regions. For these we simply included some beautiful pictures for you to enjoy.

Being a small landlocked country in the middle of continental Europe, speaking a language related to none of our neighbours’, yet, still surviving for over 2000 years: Hungary is a miracle in itself. As you flick through our images, we hope to show this to you, and more: that our heart is in our land and everything we create on it. And that, more than anything, is true about our wines, too.
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